Hydrangea Care

☀️ Sunlight ☀️

Keep Out of Direct Sunlight

🌡️ Water Temperature 🌡️

Cool / Room Temperature

💧 When to Change Water 💧

Every 1 - 2 Days

Hydrangeas come in many colors: here we see purple, green, pink and blue

Taking Care of Your Hydrangea

After trimming the stems of your hydrangea ½ inch from the bottom at an angle, these woody stems can produce a milky sap that often clogs the stem and makes it harder to keep the flower alive. To avoid this issue, place the ends of the fresh cut stem in hot water for about five seconds to "seal" is. Trim the stems of your hydrangea as often as you can remember and repeat the sealing process each time. Position your hydrangeas in a cool spot in your home and keep them out of direct sunlight to increase their lifespan.

Pro Tip:

When you think hydrangea, you should always think hydration. Did you know that hydrangeas can also drink through their petals? You can simply dip their blooms in cool water or give them a little mist to help them stay fresh and full. If one of your hydrangeas needs a little TLC, remove it from the arrangement, cut the stem at an angle, and seal it in warm water for about an hour. You can also submerge hydrangea blooms in water for a few seconds, up to ten, to help rehydrate and revitalize.

Caring for Hydrangea Plants