Tropical Flowers

Send a taste of the tropics to someone special.

Favorites in Tropical Flowers

Shop our vibrant selection of tropical flowers, including orchids, bromeliads, and birds of paradise. A wonderfully bright collection from your favorite West Linn florist, Wishing Well Flowers & Gifts. We are here for you. Order online or call for same-day delivery to Portland and surrounding areas.  Sending tropical flowers from Wishing Well Flowers in Portland & West Linn, Oregon, is like sending a one-way ticket to an island paradise, no matter where you are. Our tropical bouquets are a sizzling dance of color and texture, an exotic array that instantly transforms any space into a lush, vibrant oasis.

When you choose our tropical flowers, you're selecting bold reds, sunny yellows, and deep greens - a color palette plucked from the heart of a rainforest. Birds of paradise stand tall, their orange and purple crests catching the eye like the plumage of a rare and beautiful bird. Ginger flowers add a splash of the dramatic with their fiery blooms, and lush palm leaves fan out like the canopy of an exotic jungle.

At Wishing Well Flowers, we curate each arrangement to ensure that the spirit of the tropics - wild, untamed, and utterly breathtaking - is encapsulated in your gift. So why not bring a taste of the tropics to someone's day? Whether it's a celebration, a thank you, or just because, these flowers are an unforgettable escape from the ordinary.

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