Oregon Wine Pairings

Favorites in Wine Gifts

At Wishing Well Flowers in West Linn, Oregon, we've elevated the art of gifting by harmonizing the rich notes of fine wines with the delicate whispers of floral elegance. Serving the Greater Portland area, our Wine & Floral crates are a symphony of taste and color, an ode to the finer things in life. Each selection is carefully composed to celebrate Oregon's lush, verdant landscapes, mirrored in the vibrant petals and robust flavors contained within our bespoke crates.

Envision a handcrafted wooden crate, its rustic charm a nod to the Pacific Northwest's natural grandeur. Inside, a bottle of locally sourced wine rests like a gem, its body and bouquet ready to unfold stories of Oregon's fertile valleys and sun-dappled vineyards. Alongside, a custom arrangement of fresh blooms bursts forth in a crescendo of colors, from the passionate reds of classic roses to the sunny optimism of bright sunflowers. 

Our gift selections extend beyond these sensory pairings, with add-ons like artisanal cheeses, hand-poured candles, and gourmet chocolates, creating a full-bodied experience. Wishing Well Flowers' commitment to quality means that whether you're commemorating a special occasion, expressing gratitude, or simply sharing in the joy of togetherness, our Wine & Floral crates are curated to leave a lasting impression, much like the unforgettable landscapes of the Pacific Northwest.

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