Wishing Well Flowers and Gift

Wishing Well Flowers and Gift

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Your Guide to Sending Get-Well Flowers to Loved Ones in the Hospital

Nothing is more uplifting than finding a loved one has sent you a fresh and colorful bouquet of “get-well” flowers, especially if you are in the hospital. With the cold, sterile feel of a hospital room, an excellent floral arrangement is sure to brighten up your space and your mood. Not to mention, flowers have a lot to say! Whether it’s “get well soon,” “stay positive,” “keep fighting,” or “I love you,” the tradition of sending flowers to hospitals is just as popular as sending flowers in celebration of a birthday or significant holiday. So, if you are looking to send a little warmth, energy, motivation, and love to a friend or family member in the hospital, Wishing Well Flowers & Gifts, the top florist in West Linn & Portland, OR, has the perfect recommendations. We are also sharing everything you need to know about coordinating a floral delivery to the hospital to ensure your loved one receives their gift easily and promptly. 

Green aloe vera houseplant on window sill

Benefits of Flowering and Green Plants 

We know that Mother Nature has some remarkable healing powers, but did you know that fresh flowers and live plants can minimize the time it takes for a hospital patient to get back on their feet? While a lovely get-well arrangement is sure to lift their spirits, it can also shorten their hospital stay. Succulents, orchids, dish gardens, peace lilies, and other green plants can enhance air circulation, making it easier for people to breathe. Flowers, especially blue flowers, have been known to reduce stress, anxiety, blood pressure, fatigue, and even discomfort, as they bring a calming and relaxing vibe. 

Bouquet of yellow and white roses, gerberas, chrysanthemums and a small board with English text: get well soon

Choosing the Best Blooms 

The best types of flowers for a get-well surprise are ones that are allergy free, have little to no pollen, offer minimal fragrances, are low maintenance and durable, and are small enough to fit comfortably on a windowsill or side table in a hospital room. Joyful, cheery, and vibrant floral hues and energizing green plants make staying in a hospital room more comfortable. While admiring colorful blooms are a fantastic start, sending stems that symbolize good luck, hope, cheer, sunshine, healing, good health, happiness, and strength are just as beautiful as they are motivating. 

Teddy bear in hospital room, get well gift

Beautiful Alternatives to Floral Arrangements 

In some cases, you might encounter obstacles when coordinating a flower delivery to a specific hospital floor or medical facility. If you are facing this challenge, Wishing Well Flowers & Gifts also has a collection of thoughtful gifts to send well wishes as an alternative to flowers. From cozy stuffed animals to exciting and delicious gift baskets and even a simple get-well card, an encouraging message can be conveyed in various ways. 

Woman doctor with bouquet of flowers, smiling near the window in the hospital. National Doctor's day

Communicating with the Hospital 

Communicating with the hospital is the best way to ensure that your get-well flowers can and will be delivered smoothly to your loved one. Ensure you fully understand the hospital’s floral delivery policy, confirm that your loved one can receive flowers, and ask about any preferred delivery times. Then, pass this information on to your florist.  

Get well soon wishing card with flower on the table in front of ICU room in hospital

Coordinating with Your Florist 

Once you have confirmed with the hospital that your flower delivery will be accepted, coordinate with your florist. Communicate the first and last name of your loved one in addition to the hospital or medical facility’s address, their floor and room number, and any get-well message or words of encouragement to include on the card. If you need inspiration or can’t find the right words, your friends at Wishing Well Flowers & Gifts are happy to lend their expertise. 

For sample Get Well messages to include with your flowers or tips on how to write the perfect Get Well message, visit our Card Messaging page.