Wishing Well Flowers and Gift

Wishing Well Flowers and Gift

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Tips for Planning the Loveliest Airport Surprise with Welcoming Flowers

Picking up a friend or loved one from the airport can be exciting, especially if you haven’t been able to embrace or visit in a long time. Whether your significant other is coming home from a trip or your parents are coming for a visit, a simple yet meaningful gesture is to surprise them with fresh-cut flowers. After a long day of traveling, it can be a fun and uplifting way to greet and welcome them to town. To ensure your airport reunion is perfect, the floral experts at Wishing Well Flowers and Gifts, the top florist in West Linn, are sharing a few tips and ideas for welcoming someone with a gorgeous bouquet.

What Types of Flowers Should You Take to Greet Someone at the Airport?

The size of your floral bouquet matters when planning a well-anticipated airport pickup, size matters. While it might seem like a great idea to go big and opt for a large and showy collection of blooms, it can be quite a hassle to juggle suitcases, backpacks, duffle bags, and purses in addition to a large bouquet. Small to medium-sized flower arrangements are strategically better as they are less likely to get bumped and damaged as you walk through the airport.

It might be tempting to purchase a huge, fabulous bouquet of red roses, the ultimate declaration of passion and love. However, this sentiment can lead your partner or a passerby to assume that a romantic marriage proposal is a part of your plan. Unless this is the case, or you are celebrating Valentine’s Day, we suggest a more modest bouquet that includes a variety of flowers and colors.

If shopping for flowers seems overwhelming with the many collections and varieties, then begin with selecting their favorite flower or color. If you are unsure, try pinpointing the message you want to convey and choose stems based on their symbolic meaning. Check out our guide below to get started.

Flower Meaning by Type

Yellow Roses

A symbol of friendship, joy, and longing for the familiar, yellow roses are a traditional symbol of homecoming. They are also excellent for surprising a good friend, family member, or mother.

Pink Carnations

Another ideal bloom to surprise mom with, pink carnations signify love, gratitude, and a mother’s undying love.


Dahlias represent an unbreakable bond between two people and a long-lasting commitment, making them a smart choice for a significant other.

Lavender Roses

Another romantic bloom that is sweet and charming is the lavender rose. Lavender roses, symbolizing love at first sight and enchantment, are a brilliant alternative to passionate red roses.

Pink Roses

Pink roses are a lovely choice for close friends and family as they are connected to joy, gratitude, sweetness, and admiration, especially if you want to say “thanks for coming to visit.”

Gerbera Daisies

Representing innocence, beauty, and purity, gerbera daisies are fun flowers that young kids adore. If you are welcoming your children, nieces, nephews, etc., gerbera daisies are sure to be a winner.


Zinnias are linked to remembrance, affection, and friendship, which might be the perfect sentiment for greeting friends or siblings at the airport.

Flower Meaning by Color

To make flower buying even easier, you can turn to the colors of flowers to represent a thoughtful message.


Love, Passion, Romance


Happiness, Gentleness, Femininity


Enthusiasm, Excitement


Joy, Happiness, Friendship


Hope, Beauty


Purity, Innocence


Friendship, Caring, Gratitude


Admiration, Adoration


Grace, Elegance, Youth

Surprising Someone with an Allergy?

If your loved one has allergies or you plan on being in a crowded airport, perhaps hypoallergenic blooms are a better option. Good flower choices for loved ones sensitive to Mother Nature include:

  • Hydrangea
  • Iris
  • Orchids
  • Peonies
  • Rose
  • Snapdragons
  • Tulip
  • Zinnia

Essential Details for Presenting Flowers to Someone at the Airport

  • After selecting your favorite floral arrangement to bring to the airport, keep it looking fresh and luxurious by cutting the stems at an angle and placing the bouquet in a vase of clean water. You can even store the blooms in your refrigerator overnight. Then, wrap the stems in water-soaked paper towels, secure the towels with a rubber band, and finish with brown or colored paper for a nice look as you head out to the airport to greet your loved one.
  • Ask your loved one for their flight number so you can follow their path in the sky and ensure you arrive at the airport on time and meet them at the correct gate number.
  • Park your car in short-term parking so you can properly greet your loved one inside. It is a more thoughtful and exciting way to pick up someone, and you can also assist with carrying their luggage to the car.
  • Play the part. Whether you dress up in your best clothes for a dapper and classy airport pickup or create a homemade sign to go along with the bouquet of flowers, ensure your loved one can easily spot you in the crowd.

Wishing Well Flowers and Gifts in West Linn is an expert in all things flowers, from traveling with bouquets to finding that perfect arrangement for a special someone or occasion. Browse our online collection of high-quality flowers and gifts today.

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