Wishing Well Flowers and Gift

Wishing Well Flowers and Gift

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The Art of Spontaneity: Sending Flowers “Just Because”

Sending flowers to someone often revolves around calendar-marked holidays and milestone celebrations. However, here at Wishing Well Flowers, the top florist in West Linn, we invite you to bask in the everyday beauty that life has to offer with beautiful blooms “just because.” Each day presents its own unique reasons to share joy, love, appreciation, or support – and what better way than through the sweet language of flowers?

Whether it’s the romantic symbolism of roses, the radiant joy of sunflowers, or the profound sincerity of hydrangeas, there is always a message ready to be expressed with various types of flowers. Paired with the perfect card message, your spontaneous floral gift can transform any ordinary day into a cherished memory. While there are endless reasons to send a floral arrangement, here are 60 occasions that remind us we don’t need a holiday to share a heartwarming bouquet of happiness.

15 Occasions Worth Hinting You Want Flowers from Your Partner

  1. You’re celebrating a milestone birthday
  2. You’ve upgraded to a bigger and better apartment for two
  3. You’re recovering from an injury
  4. The joys of parenting have been challenged this week
  5. It’s the anniversary of your proposal
  6. Planning a wedding together is both beautiful and frustrating
  7. You unclogged the shower, toilet, and bathroom sink (the trifecta!)
  8. Months of disciplined training led you to hit a personal best in your inaugural marathon run
  9. You stopped biting your nails
  10. You surprised them with a brilliant birthday getaway
  11. You’re hosting a dinner party
  12. After your couple’s spat, it’s time to apologize and make up
  13. The house renovations are finally done
  14. Your health screening showed remarkable progress
  15. Your kids don’t have enough quarters from the tooth fairy to buy you flowers

15 Reasons to Order Flowers for Your Parents

  1. They lovingly welcomed you and your sibling to the world
  2. They guided you through a lot of life’s challenges
  3. They have helped ease your financial burdens, allowing you to sleep better at night
  4. They treated you to an unforgettable dinner at an upscale restaurant
  5. They adopted a senior dog who was looking for its fur-ever home
  6. Mother’s Day passed by, and you forgot to celebrate
  7. You accidentally dropped the ball on Father’s Day
  8. You miss living down the road from them
  9. They left their last doctor’s appointment with a clean bill of health
  10. Their most recent TikTok gained a flood of shares and positive comments
  11. They’re proud of themselves for fixing computer issues without calling you for help
  12. They planned an exciting vacation for the whole family to spend time together
  13. They’ve recently come back from an overseas adventure they’ve always wanted to experience
  14. You want to cheer them up
  15. It’s a sweet way to show how much you care and love them

15 Times to Send Flowers to Your Bestie

  1. It’s Monday night, Bachelor night
  2. They just had a baby
  3. You just finished Firefly Lane on Netflix, and you need them to know you love them
  4. They moved closer to you
  5. They moved far away from you
  6. It’s their birth month, and time to send them a bouquet of their birth flower
  7. They just got engaged
  8. They came out
  9. They’re changing their last name
  10. They’re going through a hard time
  11. You want to reconcile after a tiff
  12. They hit an impressive fitness goal
  13. You’re going to their first-ever art show
  14. They had a successful surgery
  15. They’re always there for you

15 Circumstances for Buying Flowers for Yourself

  1. The day has served you some lemons
  2. You’ve had a relatively great day
  3. It’s been a slow morning after a sleepless night
  4. You’ve been more productive in the office lately
  5. Your powerful presentation left a great impression on management
  6. Even though it was tough, you stuck it out and ended your first cycle class strong
  7. You’ve been asked to be a guest on a popular industry Podcast
  8. You found a burst of energy and motivation to complete that big home project
  9. You had considerable control over your emotions during a politically-charged conversation
  10. You’re hosting this month’s book club meeting
  11. You successfully organized a fun community event
  12. You’re holding down the fort as a single parent beautifully
  13. “Flowers” by Miley Cyrus is your song of the summer
  14. You like to welcome each new season with open arms and fresh blooms
  15. You noticed your favorite flowers were on display at the local floral shop

Be it symbolic stems or their favorite bloom, every day brings a chance to spread happiness and love “just because.” At Wishing Well Flowers, we strive to transform your average day into an unexpected celebration.