Wishing Well Flowers and Gift

Wishing Well Flowers and Gift

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Powerful Picks: These Are the Best Flowers for Celebrating IWD

Come March 8th, it’s time to celebrate International Women’s Day — a day that’s all about celebrating the extraordinary achievements of women and acknowledging the ongoing hurdles faced across the globe. It’s the perfect occasion to honor the inspiring women who’ve blazed trails for us and the community that’s motivated us to live our best lives! The day has the most beautiful and symbolic colorway: purple for devotion and justice, green for hope, and white for purity. Choosing a bouquet in these vibrant hues from Wishing Well Flowers, the top florist in West Linn, is an ideal way to express your sincere admiration and gratitude to the empowering women and allies in your life. Find out which springtime flowers will speak the loudest on IWD.


Roses are simply timeless and have a way of transcending cultures, speaking a universal language of love. For IWD, you might be inclined to lean towards a bouquet of white, green, and purple roses — which is a great option, don’t get us wrong! However, we cannot neglect roses that blossom in trendy peach, soft yellow, and hot pink. From whispers of admiration and gratitude to stories that radiate friendship and joy, these hues offer a fun way to celebrate those who have made a meaningful impact in your life.


As winter wraps up, IWD might usher in a hint of spring with the warmer and sunnier days we are all craving. It’s the ideal moment for tulips to make their appearance! They’re a springtime icon embodying renewal and the excitement of new chapters and fresh starts. Sending a sweet bunch of tulips says, “You’re rocking it, and there’s even more greatness in store.” With 3,000 varieties of tulips, you are sure to find the most brilliant ones to create a bouquet that’s as special and diverse as the incredible women and allies you’re honoring.

Gerbera Daisies

Gerbera daisies are like a bouquet of smiles! Their bold, bright faces practically embody joy and happiness, making them the perfect emblem of optimism for such a meaningful day like IWD. Beyond their cheer, gerbera daisies symbolize the purity of intention behind IWD. Celebrating the incredible contributions of women and allies with a burst of color is a vibrant declaration of support, admiration, and collective joy.


Turn up the fortune and flair with fabulous peonies on IWD. These plush, pastel petals radiate good luck vibes, and their impressive vase life echoes the spirit of the resilient and extraordinary women who’ve made history and forged ahead with impactful change. So, spread that unstoppable energy and keep the positive momentum alive with lucky peonies!


Orchids present a whole spectrum of colors, shapes, and symbolic meanings for you to express your unique messages on IWD. These tropical flowering plants bring that modern vibe that speaks to a diverse crowd, including the remarkable women and proud allies we love to acknowledge. So, whether you’re embracing a contemporary design or expressing gratitude with grace, orchids are the best of the best.

Mimosa Flower

Mimosa flowers for IWD? Thank Italian feminists in 1946 for that genius move! These flowers are stunning symbols of strength, sensibility, and sensitivity and offer an understated grace that matches the warmth of daisies and sunflowers. Add the finishing touches with accent stems, especially wax flowers, goldenrod, alstroemeria, and gold aster that radiate with joy, friendship, and trust.

For a meaningful and aesthetically pleasing IWD, count on us at Wishing Well Flowers to bring the magic with the freshest blooms in West Linn.

Flowers to Honor International Women's Day